Message of the Chairman

More than two years since the global health and economic crisis instigated severe and unrelenting disruption to the world, we have seen how people and institutions have swiftly adjusted, recalibrated, and collaborated more openly as the world transitions into the endemic phase.

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Report of the President

The encouraging macroeconomic indicators in 2021 demonstrate how government, businesses, and consumers have adapted to the disruption arising from the pandemic. Despite the extended period of lockdowns resulting from surges in infections as a new coronavirus variant would arise, our economy managed to achieve decent growth, resulting in an overall improvement in the business environment.

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Management Committee

1 Chief Human Resources Officer and Group Head Corporate Resources until October 2021

2 Ayala Chief Finance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Head, Finance until April 2021

3 Starting April 2021

4 Effective October 2021

The President and CEO works with Management Committees as he leads Ayala in navigating and reinventing its various businesses. Business performance, strategic and operational information, and issues critical to the long-term viability of the company and the Group are among the matters discussed in the regular meetings of the committees. The open flow of communication in committee discussions guarantees that decisions are always in the best interest of the company, the Group and its stakeholders. Recommendations of the management-level committees are presented and thoroughly discussed with the relevant Board-level committees for subsequent endorsement to the Board for ratification.

Ayala Group Management Committee The Ayala Group Management Committee is composed of the President and CEO, the Ayala Corporation Group Heads, the CEOs of the Ayala group companies, and the Chair of the Ayala Group HR Council and Strategic Adviser for Human Resources. The Committee oversees the group strategic plan and prioritizes the alignment of individual business unit priorities to the group-wide direction. Regular meetings are held to discuss group-wide concerns and events, possible areas of synergy and collaboration, and business performance review.

Refer to the Ayala Group Management Committee members to learn more about their full profiles.

Ayala Corporation Management Committee The Ayala Corporation Management Committee includes the President and CEO, and the Group Heads. The Committee approves corporate, administrative, and organizational matters that pertain exclusively to the company, as well as group-wide affairs when relevant.

Investment Committee The Investment Committee (IC) is composed of the President and CEO, and key members of the company’s senior management. The IC serves as the technical working group of the Ayala Corporation Management Committee (ManCom) and provides recommendations on portfolio strategy for the group, working in collaboration with the Group CEOs and the Finance and Strategy & Development Groups. The IC’s portfolio and capital allocation recommendations are presented to the ManCom and Ayala management team. These will be subsequently presented to the appropriate Board Committee and to the Board.