Photo caption: Globe’s record-high CAPEX of ₱92.8 billion in 2021 went mostly to strengthen its data-related services.

Performance Highlights

Outlook and Strategy

The Philippine telecommunications industry has seen a shift with the advent of data and the Internet of things changing customer behavior and the way telecommunications firms operate. Hastening this shift is the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused more consumers and businesses to rely more heavily on digital channels. As such, telecommunication companies also had to transform to address evolving consumer digital habits.

For a highly penetrated mobile market such as the Philippines, the prevalence of affordable data plans and smart devices is further driving the demand for data.

The fixed line industry is also seeing an increasing demand for data as homes have become the focal point for work, school, business, and entertainment under the pandemic. Meanwhile, beyond connectivity, corporate and enterprise clients are looking to service providers, including telcos, for assistance in enabling their digital transformation.

On competition, notwithstanding the entry of the third mobile player, the industry’s market dynamics remain. Likewise, with the increasing demand among addressable households for high-speed broadband service, Globe and other incumbent operators are fast tracking the rollout of fiber-to-the-home service.

Lastly, on the regulatory front, the government continues to review existing laws and policies, aligning them with international norms. This has led to zero interconnection fees for domestic mobile calls and texts and new rules governing prepaid load expiry and mobile number portability, which was fully implemented in September of 2021.

Serve the New Customer as One Globe Group

Elevate the Filipino customers’ quality of life through digital enablement

Enable the Resurgence of Businesses as One Globe Group

Provide ICT solutions to help grow businesses and serve customers better

Deliver the best possible customer experience

Deliver best network experience

Drive long-term for Impact for the nation

Push for longterm sustainable development projects



Continued mobile data revenue growth

Strong consolidated service revenues and earnings

Continued investment in network expansion to monetize rising data traffic


Fast-tracking telco infrastructure build and diversifying systems to enable customers’ multiple touchpoints and superior experience


Engaging with local and global partners to provide best-in-class network service, IT enablement and content offers


Developing a people-centered organization

Social and Relationships

Putting customer centricity and nation-building at the core of business decisions

How We Create Value

Serve our new customers as Globe One Group

Elevate the lives of the Filipino customers through digital enablement

Deliver the best possible customer experience

Deliver on our commitment to provide the best network experience

Enable the resurgence of business as One Globe Group

Create value through relevant services and solutions for Filipino customers and businesses beyond connectivity

Drive long-term impact for the nation

Create a Globe of Good and achieve sustainable development for all

Globe makes affordable, easy to use internet accessible to Pasiguenos via Globe GoWiFiPH and KonekTayo WiFi.

The Value We Create


2021 Achievements

2021 Financial Performance

2022 Priorities

Serve the New Customer as One Globe Group

Enable the Resurgence of Businesses as One Globe Group

Deliver the best possible customer experience

Drive long-term for Impact for the nation

Enabled our customers’ digital lifestyle by providing digital solutions relevant to their needs

Provided relevant business solutions to our partners within our supply chain leveraging on our expanded ICT capabilities

Invested in our IT Infrastructure and network coverage to continuously improve our capabilities and services

Became the first Philippine publicly-listed company to commit to set science-based targets with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050

Consolidated Service Revenues: Record level of ₱151.5 billion, up 4% driven by growth in Mobile Data, Home Broadband, and Corporate Data

Mobile Data Revenues: 7% growth to ₱77.8 billion as mobile data traffic soared by 48% coming mostly from the prepaid brands. Mobile subscriber count grew by 13% to 86.8 million

Home Broadband: Posted 10% increase in revenues with FTTH take up rising 208% and fiber revenues up 183%

Corporate Data: Revenues up 12% on growth from domestic services and information and communication technology

Committing to CAPEX of ₱89 billion

Bring internet services to more Filipino households through wireless home broadband, Fiber, 5G and constantly improve overall network experience

Continue deployment of Go WiFi and Community WiFi

Continue to forge partnerships and create innovative content-driven experiences

Transform trade/distribution experience, beyond telco-products

Transform end-to-end prepaid experience, to enable digital life

Improve customer experience via hyper-targeted Rewards; provide personalized rewards

More 2022 Priorities

Constantly improve how Globe communicates to its customers through digital sales and care channels.

Use of multiple and integrated channels (omni-channel) that create cohesive and personalized customer experience

Create delightful customer experiences across complementing digital and traditional channels that cohesively serve customer needs

Deliver seamless, frictionless, immersive, and consistent customer digital experience

Empower the local economy in its digital transformation

Enable small business owners to offer more products and services to stimulate the e-commerce industry and the digital economy, through EC Pay

Create a high-performing organization through a purpose-driven workforce with a culture of empowerment, collaboration and innovation

Pioneer the transformation of the service delivery engine to Simple, Digital, Agile (SDA) for faster time to market, efficient delivery, effective cost management and better collaboration

Continuing organizational focus on customer-centricity

Enabling an agile organization through agile competency-building and ways of working

Empowering leadership with a focus on clarity, collaboration and succession planning

Perpetuating the Circle of Happiness through Purpose, Globe Values and overall Organizational Health

Valuing People and together, ensuring sustainability

Network Infrastructure Investments

Globe invested an all-time high ₱92.8 billion in capital expenditure in 2021, 54 percent higher than a year ago. Globe built 1,407 new cell sites nationwide, including both 4G LTE and 5G, upgraded over 22,300 mobile sites, and installed over 2,000 5G outdoor sites and in building solutions. On the fixed line front, Globe installed over 1.4 million FTTH lines, even surpassing its revised target for the year. Globe also logged over 1.62 million devices in its 5G network, as it now reaches 96 percent of Metro Manila and 84 percent of key cities in Visayas and Mindanao in terms of 5G outdoor coverage.

A technician makes improvements to Globe’s telecom assets.

Digital Solutions

Spurred by rapid consumer digital adoption, Globe is doubling down on its shift to become a digital solutions platform using the core telco business. The company currently offers several diverse high-growth enterprises in healthtech, fintech, adtech, and e-commerce, among others. On the mobile money front, GCash, the undisputed leader in fintech platform operated by Mynt, is committed to maintaining its status by introducing innovative products boosting its engagement with users. GCash ended 2021 with 55 million registered users, 4.5 million merchants and social sellers, 290 GLife merchant partners, and around 174,000 cash-in, cash-out agents. GCash also more than tripled its gross transactions handled to ₱3.8 trillion in 2021 from the record ₱1.2 trillion reported in 2020. GCash now reached positive full-year EBITDA and already achieved profitability three years ahead of its target. As of 2021, GCash is the only double unicorn in the Philippines.

GCash makes financial services accessible to millions of unbanked and underbanked Filipinos.

Portfolio Companies

Other portfolio companies under Globe’s corporate builder 917Ventures include telehealth service platforms KonsultaMD and HealthNow. KonsultaMD is exhibiting strong growth with more than 140 percent revenue growth, reaching over one million members (+168 percent year on year) across 50,000 retail outlets nationwide. HealthNow on the other hand, has 800,000 customers, processing 15,000-20,000 medicine delivery orders daily. It is also the Ayala Group’s technology partner in administering one million COVID-19 vaccinations. Also under 917Ventures is AdSpark, the award-winning and largest locally-based ad agency which generated over ₱1.2 billion revenue in 2021, higher by 32 percent from full-year 2020. In addition, RUSH, the leading loyalty solutions provider in the Philippines now has 3.8 million registered users, with 100 percent in revenue growth versus full-year 2020. Lastly, PureGo, the online grocery shopping platform which is now available in all cities in NCR, Cavite, Bulacan and Rizal, posted over 75 percent growth in sales in 2021.

Globe offers bundled promos featuring a free KonsultaMD subscription.