Photo caption: By the end of 2021, LRMC has expanded its operations to 120 light rail vehicles that serve an average of 124,000 daily passengers.

Performance Highlights

Outlook and Strategy

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a shift to online purchasing and a growing need and preference for contactless, convenient, and secure payment modes. We recently launched Transakto, a joint venture with Euronet, to cater to the country’s evolving needs specific to e-commerce sector.

Evolving infrastructure needs and the opportunities emerging in logistics and financial solutions has become increasingly intertwined – both areas AC Infrastructure is well-suited to address. The company intends to invest in high-yielding, scalable, and high-growth businesses to expand the services it offers.

Partnerships within and outside the Ayala group allow the company to improve operating efficiencies and build on the performance of its existing and emerging businesses.

Ensure high levels of efficiency for operating companies under government concessions

Deliver consistent level of service and continue to exceed key performance indicators for operating toll, rail, and payment companies

Expand portfolio of infrastructure related businesses

Identify opportunities to support the growth of financial services infrastructure



A strong balance sheet and strategic capex investments funded by Ayala Corporation


Continued improvement in the operating efficiencies of LRT-1, MCX, and beep™


Extensive project management capability and track record in preparing successful PPP project proposals for toll road, rail, and financial technology


An innovative, collaborative, and agile organization with a wide range of skills and experiences

Social and Relationship

Wide spectrum of local and foreign partners with complementary knowledge and expertise. Mutually supportive partnerships with project stakeholders.

How We Create Value

Project Development

We look for scalable, high-growth opportunities in mass transportation, toll roads, logistics, and financial services and forge synergies within the Ayala group to grow existing and future business.

Implementation and Business Start-Up

Our team manages the implementation of projects and executes plans in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Efficient Operations

Our business units ensure plans are precisely executed and processes are efficient.

Talent and Leadership Development

Our talents have opportunities to grow through challenging assignments, personalized learning programs, and rewards.

The Value We Create


2021 Achievements

2021 Financial Performance

2022 Priorities

Ensure high levels of efficiency for operating companies under government concessions

Expand portfolio of infrastructure related businesses

Light Rail Manila Corporation

120 functioning Light Rail Vehicles 3.5 minutes average headway between trains

Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway Average daily traffic at 34,732 vehicles

Light Rail Manila Corporation Cavite Extension

Phase 1 reached 68% progress by end of 2021

AF Payments Inc.

Increased number of activated AFCS non-rail units from 1,733 to 2,392 (+72% vs 2020)

Increased number of devices sold from 1601 to 3,086 (+52% vs 2020)

Secured 130 bus and jeepney contracts

Completed 97% of the LRT2 East Extension Project

Financial Services Infrastructure

Piloted Transakto payment gateway with Entrego and BPI

Movement of People

Reduced travel time for motorists and train passengers.

34,732 daily MCX vehicle count

At an average of 124,000 daily passengers by the end of 2021 with an average headway of 3.5 minutes between trains, LRT 1 transports more people per trip vs other public transportation modes.

National Development

Continued improvements in operations and maintenance are translated into benefits in the form of better quality of life and service to citizens.

Movement of Services

AF Payments’ beep™ card pioneered cashless transactions for the public transportation sector, helping operators adapt to the pandemic and providing partners with 99.9% reporting accuracy.

Light Rail Manila Corporation

Ensure health safety protocols and government capacity guidelines are observed.

Complete installation of new signaling system for the entire fleet/legacy trains

AF Payments Inc.

Increase network of transport operators on the beep™ fare collection system.

Onboard new partners for beep™ QR Ticket system and increase utilization

Implement a robust cashless system for EDSA Busway

Expand portfolio of partner fund sources (banks), logistics providers, and merchants

Light Rail Manila Corporation

Since assuming operations and maintenance functions in 2015, Light Rail Manila Corporation has invested ₱11.6 billion for the rehabilitation, restoration, and upgrade of LRT line 1, resulting in a more comfortable, safer, and reliable commute for its 450,000 average daily passengers before the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 120 working light rail vehicles at present, LRMC provided the public with more trips per day, expanded operating hours, and shortened headway to the current 3.5-minute average.

LRT-1 started operating at 70 percent capacity in November 2021 as covid restrictions were gradually lifted. It recorded a stable average daily ridership of 124,000 by the end of 2021. LRMC has also been awarded with the Safety Seal by the Pasay City local government highlighting the company’s compliance with COVID-19 protocols.

The phase 1 of LRMC’s Cavite Extension project reached 68 percent completion by end of 2021. With an investment of ₱13.2 billion, the project will add eight new stations to the existing line. LRMC received its 12th brand-new Generation 4 train set in October 2021 and is expecting to complete its 30 train sets comprising of 120 LRVs from Spain and Mexico in 2022.

Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway

Volume of vehicular traffic is back up to pre-pandemic level. Average annual daily traffic was at 34,732 vehicles in 2021, 32 percent higher from 2020.

Average annual daily traffic in MCX has reverted to pre-pandemic levels.

AF Payments, Inc.

AF Payments, Inc. expanded its network of transport partners and solutions beyond the rail market segment, supporting the national direction of encouraging cashless payments across different industries.

In 2021, beep™ launched its mobile app, making balance monitoring and reloading more convenient. AF Payments, Inc. will continue to improve customer experience and create more use cases for beep™.

AF Payments, Inc. also developed a QR ticketing system that allows passengers to use QR codes on mobile phones and on paper as transport tickets. BPI launched a QR Ticket sales function in its mobile banking application and passengers can expect an even more convenient contactless commute with the addition of new beep™ QR ticket issuers such as GCash and PayMaya.