Ayala continues its great tradition of building businesses in industries that are undergoing critical economic and social transformation. Through creative, transformative, and sustainable business models, we constantly look to develop value over the long term, remain flexible to adjust to changing circumstances, and align our strategic agenda with the broader development needs of society. This strong commitment to building businesses for the greater good have stood us in good stead throughout the years, defined Ayala as a successful multi-business group, and ensured our continuity and relevance throughout the years.

With its pioneering large-scale, integrated, and sustainable estates, Ayala Land is transforming spaces to foster growth for communities and enterprises. BPI is reinventing financial services through new banking technologies, enabling the progress of individuals, businesses, MSMEs, and microentrepreneurs. To uplift everyday life, Globe is bringing connectivity to millions of Filipinos nationwide, providing access to digital solutions to enterprises, and making finance accessible for all. In support of the global economy’s goal of a greener future, ACEN is at the forefront of the transition to clean energy in the region. As the pandemic exposed the gaps in the health system, AC Health is working towards improving the access and quality of healthcare for Filipinos. With logistics a critical component of trade and commerce, AC Logistics aims to address the broader challenges the country is facing in food security, access to goods, and environmental preservation.

The delta symbols in this cover represent how Ayala is in a permanent state of transformation, constantly evolving to enable inclusivity and progress, and empowering the greater good to create lasting and meaningful impact.

Building Businesses for the Greater Good

Beyond responding to the crisis and navigating through the economic disruption, the Ayala group has overweighted its attention on existing assets and capabilities that have thrived during the pandemic and renewed its efforts on new and emerging opportunities that can drive transformative, sustainable, and long-term growth.

Jaime Agusto Zobel de Ayala