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About the Cover

Ayala continues its great tradition of building businesses in industries that are undergoing critical economic and social transformation. Through creative, transformative, and sustainable business models, we constantly look to develop value over the long term, remain flexible to adjust to changing circumstances, and align our strategic agenda with the broader development needs of society.

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About this Integrated Report

The 2021 Ayala Integrated Report (IR) provides a comprehensive view of the way we integrate our values into our business. It demonstrates how we live up to our purpose of creating meaningful impacts on the economy, the environment, and the communities we affect. This IR is a testament to Ayala’s long-term commitment to sustainability.

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Our Vision

We will be the most relevant, innovative, and enduring Philippine-based business group, enabling shared value and prosperity for the many stakeholders we serve.

Our Purpose

To improve lives through resilient businesses and risk-calculated investments that have a meaningful and lasting impact on the country’s economic and social landscape.

Our Promise

Reinventing Businesses, Transforming Communities

Our Mission

Anchored on values of integrity, long-term vision, empowering leadership, and with a strong commitment to national development, Ayala fulfills its mission to ensure long-term profitability and value creation. Ayala creates synergies as it builds mutually-beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share its philosophies and values.

Our Core Values


We do the right thing in every decision that we make.

Long-term Vision

We build sustainable businesses.

Empowering Leadership

We bring out the best in each other as leaders at any level.

Commitment to National Development

We respond to the country’s changing needs.





Our Portfolio

Our portfolio consists of diversified businesses across three pillars—core value drivers, emerging businesses, and portfolio investments. Our core value drivers are established franchises that have captured a strong momentum in the Philippine economy over the past decade.

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Leading property developer in the country with solid track record of developing large-scale, mixed-use, and sustainable estates across over 12,000 hectares of landbank

Market cap ~US$10 billion 2


Among the top three banks in the country with established leadership in new banking technology and sustainable financing

Market cap ~US$8.7 billion 2


Digital platform with market leadership in telecommunications and fintech and major interest in digital marketing solutions, venture capital funding, entertainment, and virtual healthcare

Market cap ~US$6.6 billion 2


One of the fastest-growing energy companies in the region and at the forefront of energy transition towards a low-carbon economy

Market cap ~US$6.5 billion 2

1 Ownership as of February 2022
2 Market cap as of March 2022
3 AC’s effective ownership of ACEN post restructuring (post follow-on offering and post international asset infusion)

Ecosystem of pharma, clinics and hospitals, and digital health platforms with the goal of bringing accessible and quality healthcare to Filipinos.

Technology enabled logistics provider moving towards an integrated and full-suite platform aimed to cater all segments across its value chain.

Our Climate Ambition

At the recently concluded UN Climate Change Conference, almost 200 countries agreed to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C. This reiterated the need for mitigation, adaptation, climate financing, and collaboration to slow the effects of industry on climate change, with the intention of eventually reversing them.

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#BrigadangAyalaKaakay is a concrete example of how Ayala companies come together for the Greater Good. This 12-week food distribution program in select locations.

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Statement from the Board

The Board ensures the integrity of this report and confirms that all disclosures on the company’s performance and impact are presented fairly, following the frameworks that the organization adheres to in Integrated Reporting. The Board provided high-level supervision to the teams responsible in the production of this report. The teams are composed of skilled internal parties who devoted their expertise and efforts to guarantee that the disclosures in the report and the Ayala story follow the related standards and are presented in a fair manner.

Ayala engaged external assurance parties, SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. and DNV, to validate the financial and environment, social, and governance disclosures. This is to further ensure accuracy, objectivity, and overall report quality. The report was prepared under the supervision of the Chief Finance, Risk, and Sustainability Officer, Alberto M. de Larrazabal.

The Integrated Report contains certain forward-looking statements which, by their nature, involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to future events and circumstances that may be beyond Ayala’s control. In addition, regulations of the Philippine Stock Exchange prohibit making price sensitive forecasts without considerable independent review and process. The directors therefore advise readers to use caution regarding interpreting any forward-looking statement in the report.

The Board unanimously approved this report on 10 March 2022, and authorized its release on 13 April 2022.

Jaime Agusto Zobel de Ayala
Fernando Zobel de Ayala
President & CEO
Cezar P. Consing
Chairman, Sustainability Committee and
Non-Executive Director
Alberto M. de Larrazabal
Chief Finance, Risk,
& Sustainability Officer